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A bike tour for the fight against leukemia!

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"Ride for ALL"?

The fate of my wife Alicia, who unfortunately developed 2019 Acute lymphatic leukemia (ALL) and lost her battle against blood cancer, motivates me to do this. I was allowed to accompany Alicia on her difficult journey and learn so much from her in the process. So I want to share her story and tell you about this serious illness ...

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Leukemia knows no national borders - the means to cure this, unfortunately, do. Medical advances are making leukemia more and more curable, but unfortunately these treatments are not available to all sufferers in the world. It was therefore a special concern and dearest wish for Alicia to be active for leukemia patients in South America, her home continent, after her recovery. Also the DKMS is active in Chile ...


5.500 km across South America –

from Alicia's homeland of Ecuador to Santiago de Chile

After the 2022 tour took me through Europe to Lisbon, I would like to cycle from Ecuador to Chile in the second version and “full” the 10.000 km in total. Special challenge: almost 90.000 meters in altitude through the Andes. Click here for a detailed description of the sections...

Donation amount 2022

Donation amount Ride for ALL 2.0

Ride for ALL 1.0: Once across Europe - 4.500 KM for ALL

Acute lymphatic leukemia (ALL) was the doctor's diagnosis in April 2019 when my wife Alicia fell ill. An aggressive form of blood cancer that Alicia had to fight and a fight that she sadly lost in the end. All over the world, numerous people develop blood cancer every minute - in Germany alone every 12 minutes. Often only a stem cell donation will help them. Alicia very much wished that as many people as possible could be given the hope of a second life.


Already on the Tour 2022 Between April and June 2022 I set off with my dog ​​Bruno and arrived in Lisbon after 4.518 kilometers and 36.600 meters of altitude - divided into 59 stages. Before we stopped on the last stage at Cabo da Roca – the westernmost point in Europe. There we were closer than ever to the goal of our trip - the people in South America who are suffering from blood cancer and have to fight for their lives. And unfortunately with much worse conditions than here in Germany.

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Ride for ALL 2.0: Once across South America - 5.500 KM for ALL

Bruno and I enjoyed the tour so much and were so happy about the incredible donation of around €68.000 that we decided there had to be a sequel. This time on the continent for which we would like to advocate so much in Alicia's name. The Idea: Of Alicia's hometown of Ambato, Ecuador, where she grew up, where her parents' house is and where she is buried, until DKMS headquarters in Santiago de Chile. 


During Alicia's While battling leukemia, we often talked about our dream of traveling through South America along the Pan-American Highway. Now I would like to make this wish come true with Bruno. We hope that the route will attract more attention in South America and encourage registration and donations. Starting in Ecuador, through Peru and Bolivia finally to Chile - via This will take us 5.500 km Adventure for a good cause lead. We look forward to countless, enriching encounters, breathtaking landscapes and to the fact that after almost 90.000 meters of altitude through the Andes, the pain in your legs will give way to joy and a feeling of happiness Contribution to the fight against leukemia to be able to afford gives way. Because that's what it's all about: the Give new hope to people in South America! You can help too…

Everyone can be a lifesaver - every euro counts!

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