Attention: Note on donation receipts

If you use the PayPal option via this form, unfortunately no donation receipt can be issued. Payments are made through a private Paypal account and 100% will be forwarded to the DKMS. However, DKMS does not receive these payments directly but in bundles, so that it is not possible to issue a donation receipt. 

Under the following Link there are other payment options available (including PayPal, instant transfer, credit card). The donation goes here direkt to DKMS and a donation receipt is issued by as a non-profit company. Otherwise, you are also welcome to use the contact form and enter a KM donation for a part of the route or the entire route. After completing the (partial) route, I will send you the exact kilometers covered and then ask you to transfer the agreed amount manually. Here go to the contact form.

Donation receipts

You can claim donations of up to EUR 300 with the simplified proof of donation in connection with your bank statement as a donation at the tax office. The simplified proof of donation of the DKMS can be found here.


DKMS is happy to issue donation receipts from a sum of 50 euros and with details of the address. If you have already transferred but the address has not been given, just send a short message to stating when which amount was donated to which account to DKMS.


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